I’m so happy to be continuing to write monthly with my Poetry Sisters–Liz Garton Scanlon, Kelly Ramsdell, Andi Sibley, Tanita Davis, Sara Lewis Holmes, and Tricia Stohr-Hunt. And Mary Lee Hahn joined us in 2021, too! Our list of collaborations is getting kind of long, so instead of including it in my post on the first Friday of each month, I’m going to house it here, in its very own post. Clicking on a link below will take you to my poem for that challenge, and within that post, you’ll find links to all the Princesses’ poems. Enjoy! Poetry Sisters collaborations:
Jan 2022
Overheard poems (“The Pit”)
Dec 2021
Poems somehow inspired by bells (“Bell Song”)
Nov 2021
Ode to autumn (“Ode to Bare Branches”)
Oct 2021
_______ Is a Word poems (“Sheep Is a Solid Word”)
Sep 2021
Tanks in response to another poem (U‑Haul poem and time/autumn poem)
Aug 2021
Deeper wisdom poems (“What Detroit Knows”)
Jul 2021
Villanelle around a dichotomy (“Apart But a Part”)
Jun 2021
 Zentangle poem (“Welcome, Panther”)
May 2021
Ekphrastic poems (“The Dance of Being Human”)
 Apr 2021
In the style of Linda Hogan’s “Innocence” (Liz Garton Scanlon’s “Bamboo”)
Mar 2021
Dizzying dizains (“The Wind Is an Owl”)
Feb 2021
Inspired by metaphors (“Talent Is a Ticket”)
Jan 2021
Inspired by birth-year words from the Merriam-Webster Time Traveler (“Four Forever”)
Dec 2020
Wistful haiku (mine are here)
Nov 2020
Hindsight, examined by revising or responding to an earlier poem (“Letter to a Thief”)
Oct 2020
Naani with theme of foresight or fall (“They Have Their Uses, But…”)
Sep 2020
Prompt: ponderous, or image of hippo, any poetic form (“High-Stepping Hippo”)
Aug 2020
Prompt: hindsight — pick an old poem to revise or write poem in response (“Make Time Fly”)
Jul 2020
Etheree with a theme of foresight or summer (“Pandemic Summer”)
Jun 2020
Theme is susurrus, or an image of thick woods, whatever form we wish! (“Morning”)
May 2020
Hindsight— pick an old poem to revise and/or write a new poem in conversation with it (“Respirator”)
Apr 2020
Skinny poem with a theme of spring or looking ahead (“Daily Party” — mine is NOT the correct form for a skinny!)
Mar 2020
Any form, theme of “classic” (first date haiku)
Feb 2020
Revisit and revise or respond to an earlier poem (“More Than Two Sides”)
Jan 2020
Haiku of looking forward or backward (untitled)
Nov 2019
Gratitude sonnets (“Still Shining”)
Oct 2019
Winter villanelles (“The Voice of Winter”)
Sep 2019
Pastoral (“From a City Dweller to Her Love”)
Aug 2019
A short poem comparing something to a snake (“Snake on a Cake”)
Jul 2019 Ekphrastic poems (“Raise Your Gaze” — mine was a definito, too)
Jun 2019  Triolets (“Heat Is a Lemon Lollipop”)
May 2019 Skinny poems (“Gradual Decline” and more)
Apr 2019 Anagram poems (“Sky Love Story”)
Feb 2019 Mask poem (“Floor Lamp Waits”)
Jan 2019 Poem celebrating a minor miracle (“Lunch in a Refugee Reception Centre”)
Dec 2018 Ekphrastic poems  (“Anatomy of Typography”)
Nov 2018 List poems (“Cleaning Out My Locker”)
Oct 2018 Poems using anaphora–a repeated phrase
Sep 2018 Short poems using spike, shadow, roof (“Snowy Owl”)
Aug 2018
Cento collages (“Daydream Through a Looking Glass”)
Jul 2018
 Sestinas (“Afraid to Wish for Answers”)
Jun 2018
“Things I Will Miss When We Move” (an Aphra Behn poem)
May 2018
Limericks about birds and bees
Apr 2018
A toast! (I didn’t participate that month)
Mar 2018 Ekphrastic poetry (“Refugee Camp: Day 834)
Feb 2018 Tanka inspired by each other’s January poems (“More Than Two Sides”)
Jan 2018 Curtal sonnet (“Mai’s Wall of Warmth”)
Dec 2017 Lais with a theme of peace, light, or hope (“Passing By a Winter Cottage”)
Nov 2017 Triolets using 2 of 5 given words (“First Snow”)
Oct 2017 Fall Hymns (“Old Dog” and “Fall Arrives”)
Sep 2017 Ekphrastic poems (“Stop Wishing for Me!” peace poem)
Aug 2017 Poems written to a pre-decided title, “Statues in the Park” (and a 2nd poem)
Jul 2017 After Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty” (“She Walks in Glitter”)
Jun 2017 Golden Shovel Poems (“Leaving Things Behind”)
May 2017 Things to Do Poems (“Things to Do if You Are a Minnesota Summer”)
Apr 2017 Response Poems (“Talking Back to Rilke”)
Mar 2017 Ekphrastic Poems (“Searching”)
Feb 2017 Villanelles (“One Day Too Late”)
Jan 2017 Somonka (“Long Distance Relationship”)
Dec 2016 Ekphrastic Poems (“Feather Bones”)
Nov 2016 Terza Rimas (“When Hope Is Not Easy”)
Oct 2016 Ekphrastic poems (“Flip a Coin”)
Sep 2016 Clogyrnach poems (“Monarch”)
Aug 2016 Ekphrastic poems
Jul 2016 Poems inspired by a Kay Ryan poem (“House for Sale”)
Jun 2016 Harpy poems
May 2016 Tritina
Apr 2016 “Channel-Hopping Through Grasshopper Reality TV”
Mar 2016 Sedoka
Feb 2016 Poem Inspired by a Picasso Sculpture (ugh)
Jan 2016 Crown sonnet (on the periodic table)
Nov 2015 Ekphrastic poems
Oct 2015 Etherees
Sep 2015 Found poems
Aug 2015 Classified haiku
Jul 2015 Inspired by e.e. cummings’ poems
Jun 2015 Odes
May 2015 Pantoums
Apr 2015 Raccontinos
Mar 2015 Sestinas (Lord have mercy)
Feb 2015 Villanelles on hidden things
Jan 2015 Triolets on beginnings (And I posted an extra one here.)
Pre-2015 Villanelles, a crown sonnet (this is what really started it all), rondeau redoubles, and pantoums

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