Thanks so much for coming to visit! I’m Laura Purdie Salas, and I write children’s books and poetry. Books saved my life as a kid, and I love creating fabulous children’s books today–for all the kids who wonder, worry, laugh, learn, explore, and escape through reading. Like I did.

Like I still do.

I’m a visiting author, a storytime presenter, a writing teacher, and a freelance writer. Personally, I’m someone who’s still awed by the first snowfall of the year. Who gets excited about a good cupcake. Who can stare at a tree or the moon for a long time. I adore sunrises, science, and stories. I know nothing’s perfect, and we have to work for a better world. But I also believe that savoring what’s already incredible about our world makes every day better. And I know that reading small books and poems makes me feel more connected, hopeful, and grateful. I bet it can make you feel the same way.


Autumn Cupcake

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