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Hi, literacy leaders and book lovers! I’m a Minnesota children’s author who loves sharing my passion for reading and writing with all kinds of audiences. Feel free to check out some of the feedback I’ve gotten and where I’ve been. Then click on one of the three photos below to get lots more details!

“Our classroom Zoom-Visit with Laura Purdie Salas was like a tea party with an adventurous relative…cozy and full of stories and joy for everything in our wonderful world.  Our class loved this author’s visit and cannot wait to have Oskar’s Voyage in our classroom.”
Written by Andrea Smith and her amazing 4th Graders, Hopewell Elementary in Dublin, OH

“We do have wonderful media specialists and our students and staff thoroughly enjoyed your visit. Along with Staci and Kristen, it takes an author like you to spark joy in their hearts and ignite a love of reading in their soul.  Thank you for providing rich, engaging literature to our young learners.”
— Tonya Franks, Principal, Halverson Elementary in Albert Lea, MN

I loved watching the students faces as you shared your journey on being an author! I also enjoyed the process of creating a poem with the kids. You made it look so easy!
— Staci Waltman, Media Specialist, Halverson and Hawthorne Elementaries in Albert Lea, MN

“Laura’s teaching skills, genuine personality, and talent as an author are the perfect combination for engaging writers of all ages and abilities. It was an all-around wonderful experience from start to finish!”
— Dianna Jo Crawfod, Media Specialist, Lebanon Junction Elementary in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky ( virtual visit)

“Laura’s presentations for all grades K‑5 were engaging and packed with information. Laura worked closely with me to understand what books each grade had read and the activities connected to them. This allowed her to tailor all presentations for our school which was much appreciated. My school also had the opportunity to host writing workshops in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades. Her poetry writing ideas were inspiring and challenging and it was so much fun watching students write their hearts out. Along with the writing workshops during the school day, I requested that for the family visit in the evening I would like families to try writing together. This was also amazing to be part of and to watch…Rogers Elementary was so lucky to have you visit for 3 days. Thank you for sharing your love of reading and writing with all of us!”
— Holly Dragisich, Media Specialist, Rogers Elementary in Rogers, MN

“Laura’s eagerness to work with the students was evident with each class that I brought to her presentations. She has an obvious love of writing and was able to help even the less skilled writer think big and expand their thoughts through writing!”
— Kelly Hammerschmidt, 4th-grade teacher, Rogers Elementary in Rogers, MN

“Laura’s Poetry Rocks presentation is excellent! She incorporates many aspects of poetry into the quick-paced presentation and gets kids excited about poetry.”
— Joan Magnuson, Media Specialist, Elm Creek Elementary in Maple Grove, MN

“Laura did a fantastic job with our K‑3 students. The feedback from teachers and students was wholly positive, and everyone had a fun and engaging experience. Our older students created a poem and got to bring a finished product home, while our younger students were inspired to learn more about poetry and creative writing.”
— Kerry Canfield, Media & Digital Learning Coordinator, Bayview Elementary in Waconia, MN

“Laura inspired our students and staff to be readers and writers. She encouraged them to take risks in their writing. All four of her presentations were engaging, and it was inspiring to see the students interested and involved in these wonderful presentations.”
— Diane Torbenson, literacy coach, Greenvale Park Elementary in Northfield, MN

“Laura Purdie Salas touched the hearts of our first graders with all of her amazing books about animals and about the world around us: trees, rocks, and so on. The students loved hearing Laura read parts of her books aloud, and they especially enjoyed echoing lines back to the author when asked to do so. Laura made our students feel like they are truly readers and writers. When my students wrote letters to Laura Salas following the presentation, several of them mentioned that they had been inspired by the presentation – in fact, they even used the word “inspired”!”
— D. Anderson, first-grade teacher at Cedar Island Elementary  in Maple Grove, MN

“Laura is a part of the group of Minnesota authors that have kept the sparks going for educators in Minnesota. Her visits and her sharing her literature and talents inspire kids to continue being writers, and it helps them to reach higher heights as a writer.”
— Sharon Stoick, in a newspaper article for the Monticello Times

“Her interactive approach and engaging presentation style really motivated our students to learn and grow. The student projects reflected great effort and it was very evident by the wide smiles and sense of pride shown that the students loved learning with Laura.”
— Anne Stauffacher, Teaching and Learning Specialist, Anoka-Hennepin School District

“Laura Purdie Salas does an excellent job of sharing the creative process of writing poetry. Students are engaged and inspired through her energetic delivery!”
— MaryJo Vickers, Media Specialist, Milaca Elementary

“She was amazing! She kept the students engaged the entire time. Many of the third graders continued to talk about her Stampede! book and were looking to check it out of the library.”
— Tami Jahnke, Long-term 3rd-grade Sub, Newport Elementary

“The actual session with Laura was the best! The children were engaged, the presentation was enthusiastic, and the control was excellent.”
— Helen Kernik, 2nd-grade Teacher, University Avenue Elementary

“It’s easy to see why Laura’s books resonate with students.  She ‘gets’ kids and found a way to reach even my most skeptical of poets in the classroom.  They were inspired by her humble wit and openness.”
— Nicci Wood, Teacher, Falls Elementary

“We thoroughly enjoyed Skyping with Laura Purdie Salas. She was a pro at engaging my groups of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. It was clear she was used to working with kids that age.”
— Kim Johnson, Media Specialist, Stewart Elementary

From students’ evaluations:
I enjoyed this session the most because:

  • I didn’t really like poetry and after this class, I do like poetry!
  • This was the session where I was able to connect with my writing the most
  • She made it more fun to write poems
  • It made me feel so proud, like I could explain the most vivid thing.

From adults’ evaluations:

  • This was a hands-on session and all about the kids’ craft and not hers. Listening to students share their work – I was moved!
  • Laura Salas motivated a student of mine to write 2 amazing poems. He actually struggles with writing so this was very cool!
  • Great presenter – great ideas for first line of poems (teacher)

— All from participants at Success Beyond the Classroom’s Young Authors Conferences, Twin Cities

“Laura Purdie Salas was a wonderful presenter. She easily engaged children and adults with her interactive poetry program. It was clear that Salas took great care in selecting poems to share and enhanced her poetry program with a colorful PowerPoint presentation. It was great to see both children and adults become excited about poetry. It was especially rewarding to see the audience animatedly read aloud the poems together. Following the program, children and adults were still talking about her poems, and Salas had a group gather around her. While adults purchased books, several children had her autograph the paper fans she handed out.”
— Katy Kudela, Children’s Librarian, New Ulm Public Library

“Energy during the presentation and the focus on the children was fantastic. Very professionally done. And all of the arrangements and ‘business’ part of the event were A+ — which is a comment we cannot make often about working with authors and performers. Thank you so much for your contribution to the Bemidji Public Library Book Festival.”
— Paul Ericsson, Bemidji Library Branch Manager

“Laura is very engaging and approachable. She definitely connected with the children (some as young as 3) in the audience and was able to switch things up on the spur of the moment to meet the attention level of the children at my program. Definitely recommended!”
— Monica Stratton, Librarian, Ramsey County Libraries

“Laura is personable and a fantastic presenter.  She not only shared her own books but also introduced the teacher audience to a variety of other books and poets.  Her strategies for responding to poetry were creative and just plain fun. Laura will motivate teachers and students to not only love poetry but also be inspired to write their own.”
— Cyndi Georgis, Professor, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

“Laura Purdie Salas did an excellent job of presenting at my school. She is enthusiastic about poetry and her enthusiasm is contagious. Through her presentations to the students and staff, more people are hooked on poetry and how it can enrich our lives.”
— Mary Beth Youngblut, Teacher, Greenvale Park Elementary

“Just a note to say thank you for your outstanding contribution to the summer conference! Your workshops received glowing reviews on our evaluation forms.”
— Jamie Melissa Weiss, Conference Coordinator, Annual international conference
Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

“You had a nice mix of resources, examples and critiques…I especially appreciate your feedback and critique—your style was constructive and non-threatening…[T]hank you so much for inspiring me to write more.”
Quinette Cook – Minnesota SCBWI

“I want to thank you for the part you played in getting me a contract with Capstone. [At a Loft event] you talked about the process of submitting to Capstone and other publishers. I still have your handouts!…I just submitted my final ms a couple of weeks ago. My contact over there said my initial letter to them was ‘perfect,’ and that is mainly due to your advice from the Loft session.”
Lissa Johnston

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