I practically lived at the library as a kid. Today, I love connecting with young readers through library programs. We always share facts, stories, songs, laughter, movement, and a bit of chaos. What’s not to love?

Check out the images and details below. Interested in a storytime or other program? Just get in touch through my Contact page–I’d love to hear from you!

My storytimes generally include an introduction, a hello song, two or three interactive readings from one or more of my books, at least one movement break, a chance to make some noise, a goodbye song, and stickers and such. My goal is to show kids how much fun the world of books is!

Here are some topics I’ve created storytimes around. I’m also happy to create a program for you!

  • It’s Time for Loons
  • Friendship
  • Sensory Overwhelm
  • What’s the Weather?
  • We All Belong
  • Families and Diversity
  • Leaves
  • Water
  • Rocks
  • The Moon and Space
  • Riddle Poems
  • Adventure on a Great Lakes Freighter
  • Shapes, Kindness, and Imperfection
  • From Sheep to Mittens
  • Families, Uncertainty, and Nature vs. Nurture
  • How Animals Get Ready for Winter
  • Why I Wrote This Poem, the Back Story Behind Some Books and Poems
  • Night Time and Imagination
  • Fall Fun
  • Playing with Poetry
  • Kids + Imagination = Poetry (writing workshop)
  • Things to Do If You Are a…Poet!  (writing workshop)

Library budgets vary so widely that it’s impossible for me to set standard storytime fees. If you contact me and let me know where you are, what your budget is, and what you’re looking for, we’ll try to work something out!


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