Puddle Song
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Awards & Honors

  • Starred review from School Library Journal
  • Named a Great Board Books of 2023 by Betsy Bird
  • Baby Blueberry - Best Nature Board Books of 2023

Puddle Song

Written by Laura Purdie Salas
Illustrated by Monique Felix
Publisher: Creative Editions, 2023
ISBN: 978-1568463834 14 pages


In this board book celebration of play and puddles, a puddle sings out an invitation to boots, stompers, leaves, and more to come have a splash!
Bring me your boots,
you stompers
and jumpers…

Journal Reviews

A “…divine glimpse of children…” and an “…ode to childhood’s passion of viewing a silky surface and destroying it."
—School Library Journal
Salas’ simple, lilting text is full of satisfying phrases perfect for reading aloud like “stompers and jumpers” and “silver skin.”…Vibrant text and images come together to celebrate a rainy day.
—Kirkus Reviews
Great Board Books of 2023

Salas really is a poet and that skill has been brought to the fore in this title. Listen to this: “Bring me your leaves, you wind-rattled trees.”

It just gives me the shivers (in a good way!)...Dang. Preschoolers never had it so good.

—Betsy Bird, Fuse 8 Productions, School Library Journal

Reader Reactions

"Puddle Song is written with a simplicity that mimics the kind of simplicity that's often lost in childhoods of today."

—Where the Board Books Are

Downloadable Activities

Puddle Bloom

Photo Gallery

Making a splash!
Puddle Song - Baby Blueberry
reflections in a puddle
Puddle Song at the luncheon
Hosting a table at NCTE
At the book launch party
Book launch party

More for Educators or Writers

How this Book Got Started

An editor at Creative Editions was rejecting a different picture book manuscript of mine. She liked my writing, though, and asked if I had any board book manuscripts. For a couple of weeks, I sorted through hundreds of poems and sent a handful I thought might work as board books. They chose this poem, written around 2012. It was originally called "The Puddle's Call." Not a word of the poem changed except for the title. (First time that's every happened!)

Poems I've Written

These poems connect to this book in topic, theme, or form—great for text-to-text connections!


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