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Here’s a round-up of things to read and share as we dive into the new school year! You’ll find some for preschool and elementary students, a few for middle school, and a few for teachers. If you’d like a free download of ALL the poems from Stampede! Poems to Celebrate the Wild Side of School, just subscribe to my Small Reads e‑letter!

–by Laura Purdie Salas, courtesy of Highlights in 2015

She Walks in Glitter

Finding My Place

Where will I go?
Who will I be?
How will I love?
What will I see?

Will I go far?
Explore foreign lands?
I get to choose;
the world’s in my hands.

–from Do Buses Eat Kids?, by Laura Purdie Salas

Friend Quiz     [note: I removed the “Check the answer” directions!]

My best friend in the world is you
So you should know which things are true

What’s my favorite color?

Blue as the sky in September?
Green as the grass Daddy mows?
Purple like lilacs that bloom in the spring?
Or silver like when the moon glows?

What’s my favorite subject?

Math, for counting up numbers?
Reading, for stories and words?
Music, for singing and whistling tunes?
Or science, for coloring birds?

Who’s my best friend?

The girl who lent me her sneakers?
Who called me when I had the flu?
Who likes to make lizards from sparkling beads?
Wait! All of these people are you!

–from Do Buses Eat Kids?, by Laura Purdie Salas


I am smooth wood

I am paper

I am answers

I am waiting


–from Do Buses Eat Kids?, by Laura Purdie Salas



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