Small Reads Roundup for Winter

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Snowy pages,
steady track.
Tiny footprints
dipped in black.
Through the blizzard
stories roam.
They tiptoe bravely
out, then home.
–Laura Purdie Salas, all rights reserved
A triolet:
First Snow Triolet
A terza rima:
Tarnished Silver
Temperature dives—four degrees
below zero. Snow blows
down the bare street, carelessly seizes
the emptiness, gives it a grey ghostly glow,
bathes this world in the twilight of semi-night.
There is no one new you will ever know,
just you, and the moon, and reflected light—
frozen in time, forever alone.
Sky dead above, ground eerily bright.
Black limbs of trees, like autumn’s bones,
etch endless sky as wind whistles and hones
its sharp, stripping skills in this bleak, leaden zone.
–Laura Purdie Salas, all rights reserved


A limerick:
Scarlet in Late Snow
With a flutter and flurry of wing,
Cardinal announces, “Spring!”
    He’s the hopeful red heart—
    a flash of fresh start.
Even nature appreciates bling.
–Laura Purdie Salas, all rights reserved
The Voice of Winter, a villanelle by Laura Purdie Salas
Winter Is the Warmest Season, a free verse poem by Laura Purdie Salas
An acrostic:
Revenge of the White Dragon
A dragon wakes, his winter sleep disturbed. He
Vows to punish you, the intruder.
Air swells with a low rumble.
Land beneath you trembles.
Above, a wave of concrete snow thunders down. The dragon roars your
Name. But he can’t find you.
Chewing up trees and spewing them out, he searches for you.
His steamy, snowy breath clouds the sky, and the
Earth cradles you to its rocky chest as the dragon’s belly slides by. Safe!
—Laura Purdie Salas, all rights reserved
Mice on Skates
On the empty back deck
on a black autumn night,
the paper plate moon
sheds a soft, hollow light.
Chimneys and pine trees
spread deep, smoky spice,
and the patio table
is glazed with thin ice.
Two little brown mice
discover the rink,
and do figure eights
in perfect mouse-sync?
With tiny sharp skates
bearing gum wrapper blades,
they spin away shadows?
and emptiness fades.
–Laura Purdie Salas, all rights reserved
Hear me read the poem.
fresh snow
biking in winter
Inspired by a photo of snowman candleholders!:
Making Clouds
Photo: Randy Salas

Snowman - Cold = Puddle



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Small Activities

Click on the image below for a downloadable activity sheet. Write a Snowperson list poem!

Make a Melting Snowman Art Project! Click on the image below.

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Write a “Things To Do If…” poem with your students, like the one below. See a typed version by clicking the image below.


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